Emailmeform business has moved from .com to .net!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dear ,

As you know, the emailmeform business had some problems in the recent months. The business has been going through an acquisition process that was left uncompleted, the buyers are dishonest persons that worked together to grab the .com domain while avoiding to pay Alexandru Marias, the original owner and developer that provided this wonderful service to you for the past 3 years.

The new owners attempted to grab the business, leaving the original owner out, and lying to the current customer database.
As a result the emailmeform business is moving from .com to .net , because the domain is locked by the new, non-technical and non-benevolent new owners, who are trying to lie to you about why you should stay with them, while non paying the old owner and inventor of emailmeform.

While the new owners do not have a well understanding of how the site internally works, and do not know how to improve the service nor how to protect it from new vulnerabilities out there, Alexandru Marias knows well the inside and outside of the business and ensures that your forms will remain secure and well protected, while adding new features and functionalities.

Your accounts and forms have been imported to , however latest forms created have not been copied as the dishonest owners who grabbed are disallowing access to the site.

Please login to with the current username and password, and get the updated code to add to your website. Please also cancel the old subscription on , and signup for the new subscription on . This will ensure that you stay with the original inventor and developer and with the original emailmeform business, benefiting of new features and ongoing security protection.

Following this email, you might get an other newsletter from the dishonest owners of who are trying to keep you on the old .com domain, lying about Alexandru Marias. The choise will be yours to make, but I would suggest to keep your emailmeform forms secure by using the .net domain provided by the old personal developer that you know and trust, instead of trusting them to the greedy non-technical croocks who grabbed the .com domain of the business

Looking forward to hear from you!

Alexandru Marias
Phone: +40 722 486348

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